Managing People & Performance

During our consultation visit we will discuss in detail the objectives and culture of the business and how Appraisals and Rewards & Recognition schemes can contribute to your success. 

We will explain how performance can be linked to rewards and recognition and identify the best possible policies and procedures to deliver your desired outcomes.  We will provide advice and guidance and documentation as necessary in the following areas;

 - Appraisals & Supervision

 - Rewards & Recognition

 - Pay & Bonuses

 - Staff Benefits

 - Training & Development

 - Awards Schemes

 Once the content and approach is agreed we will provide up to 1.5 Days on-site support to facilitate meetings with staff* and provide introductory training on Appraisals & Supervision. 

 * We would recommend that meetings with staff take place prior to any policies and procedures being finalised as this will create an opportunity to listen to their ideas and suggestions, understand what motivates them and what they consider fair and reasonable and will help achieve much greater buy-in to the models adopted.  

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