Annual Support Packages

Our Annual Support Packages always start with an initial consultation visit to help us understand your HR needs, your key business objectives and the strategic goals of your organisation. 

Our Packages can start with a review of your existing policies and procedures.  If you do not have policies in place or the policies are out of date we can supply new and up to date versions for you.  Making sure you have the right policies in place and perhaps more importantly knowing the best way to apply them can help to avoid future problems and help create a positive and productive culture.

With our annual packages you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are here to help.  We will provide you with advice and guidance in relation to all HR issues.  For example, if you were dealing with an issue of persistent lateness and were uncertain of how to deal with this matter you would be able to ring us for advice and guidance in accordance with your policies.  You will be able to access our support in the following ways;    

 - Telephone (mobile and landline numbers will be supplied to you)

 - Email

 - Text 

Where a matter is more complex our annual support package can include on-site follow up visits.  For example, if during an initial phone call it becomes apparent that the matter is complex and ‘high risk’ we will arrange a time to visit you and discuss the matter in more detail.  

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