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“Fairness First”

A collaborative approach to problem solving and a workforce that is engaged and motivated is the basis for creating a harmonious workplace where people work hard and feel valued and respected.  Ethical and effective people management and organisational development means: 

   - Fewer grievances & disciplinary

   - Fewer matters ending up in Employment Tribunals

   - Greater employee commitment

   - Greater employee satisfaction

   - Increased productivity

   - Greater appeal to customers and funders

At EHR Ltd we believe that managing people is about so much more than employment law.  Our approach to business reflects a moral understanding of what is right and wrong and creates a culture of fairness and equality.  We recognise that people are an organisations greatest asset.  

Ethics and Business are important partners.  An ethical approach to HR and Organisational Development makes good business sense.  We understand and operate in the ‘real world’.  We know that organisations have to make difficult decisions; redundancies, pay cuts, dismissals and disciplinary action but we will work with you to ensure that such decisions are handled correctly and fairly.  Our approach focuses on creating ethical solutions.  This is central to our philosophy, the support we offer and the way we do business.

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